Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ham Carving Competitions

jamon iberico

These hams are from a competition for cutting hams in Andalucia. The competition was in Cordoba which has some of the best hams in Spain. The hams are Iberico hams whcih are very expensive.

There were quite a lot of good hams and cortadores de jamones and good knives as well.

One day i want to be in of of these competitions and maybe be a world champion ham cutter!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Very Expensive Ham

I like to learn about kinds of Spanish ham and a very special ham that is made in Spain is jamon iberico. Not everyone knows what a jamon iberico is but it is from a very special pig which is black and there are only a few left in Spain.

The ham is very expensive and very good my dad had some sent to him and he made good tapas with scrambled eggs and gambas.

One day i hope to buy an jamon iberico and cut it for my dad as he likes it very much. I think this picture is one of the best hams.