Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paella and Friends

 This is me and my friend Tommy. Tommy comes to visit us in Spain three times a year and sometimes for my birthday. In September it is still nice and hot outside so sometimes we make a paella on the barbaque.

Tommy likes to cook although he is not as good as carving ham as me because he has had no practise. My ham carving is getting better as last week my dad let me use one of his expensive knives.
Tommy is very funny as sometimes things go wrong, I like this picture because he has funny look on his face, I think it was a spark from the fire.

I am carving more ham soon so will take some pictures for the next blog post.

Adios! Josh

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spanish Chorizo

This chorizo is hot, smells nice and you can have it for tapas, with wine, rice or you can fry it or barbeque it. I took these photos with my Dad who doing pictures for the website and he let me use his camera very carefully!!

We cooked the chorizo sausages in a frying pan first for these pictures because they look better and nice and tasty.

The chorizo costs ten euros and you can get 10 in a pack, we buy them from Julian who is our butcher. The best way to have chorizo is for tapas on toothpiks after they have been done on the barbeque.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This is my new dog who came from the Spanish countryside so I decided to call him 'Campo'. I dont know how old he is but he is just a puppy. I think he came from a farm down the road and copies my other dog 'Reme'

My dog 'Campo'

A few weeks ago I went to a village called Maria with my Mam and dad and we visited where the serrano hams are made. It was very interesting and we took lots of photos of hams and chorizos and other things. When we wnet to the top floor where the hams are cured we had to use a lift with do doors!

Serrano Hams

The hams from Maria are very good and I have been practicing my carving on a 'jamon' bodega. I think my tapas are getting better!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Dads ham video

My Mam and Dad have made a good ham video for Youtube. It is lots of different people from my village saying that they love Spanish ham. Mam took the videos of differnet people in her english classes and in shops and at the end is my little brother eating some ham tapas!

I hope you like the video and we cant wait to make some more for the summer when my friends come to visit.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

American Amigos

In January my mam and dad cooked a paella for some American people who had come from the USA to Andalucia for a holiday! It was a good day and I made a new friend called jack who spoke very good spanish

My dad took this foto of me and jack looking through their telescope which they brought to Orce.

We all enjoyed the paella and dad carved some ham for tapas, my little brother loved the paella as well! I hope I can write to my friend Jack when he gets home to America as its good to have friends especially from other countries!